Roman Nymphaeum Of Cupramarittima

In the Roman Nymphaeum of Cupramarittima there are the remains of the ancient and homonymous city.
The area, already frequented in the Lower and Middle Paleolithic era, assumes particular importance within the Piceno territory. In 268 BC Cupra was conquered by the Romans and thus became part of the so-called "ager publicus". The Roman Nymphaeum offers the visitor a long and interesting path: starting from the Roman villa with central nymphaeum and decorated and frescoed walls, it continues with the area of ​​the Forum, the remains of the temple of Venus, the remains of the cistern also known as the "Bagno" di Nerone "and at the end of the tour it is possible to visit Palazzo Cipolletti, now the seat of the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

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SS16 Adriatica Km 375
63012 Cupra Marittima


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