The Ex Manifattura Tabacchi Museum Laboratory is located in the Città Sant'Angelo, a small town in the province of Pescara. The Museum was established in 1998 by the will of the Municipal Administration. The Museolaboratorio is an exhibition space and a place for meeting and artistic research. The space acts as a center of residences for artists who want to experiment and create synergies with the territory, becoming a reference point for contemporary art. The Museum defines itself as a "Laboratory" as an experimentation center for artists at an international level. Thanks to the activities and projects carried out in the exhibition spaces it was possible to create a museum collection. The Collection bears witness to the research carried out by the artists in residence. Among the most important artists are Stefano Cagol, Sonia Fernandez Gonzales, Sergio Serra, Paola Angelini and many others. The Museum is known as an educational place for children, thanks to the art workshops created in collaboration with the artists.

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