The National Etruscan Museum and Necropolis

The National Etruscan and Necropolis Museum is located in the city of Chiusi in the province of Siena. The Museum was founded in 1871 and opened in 1901. Inside are preserved archaeological finds from the Bronze Age to the Lombard Age with particular attention to the Etruscan period. The collection contains funerary inscriptions, stones and statues that come from the tomb of the gens Alla on the Via Cassia. The territorial section houses the finds from the excavations in the Petriolo area and from the necropolis of the area with funeral objects from the third century BC. Among the most precious finds, the marble and alabaster urns stand out. The section on Lombard art is certainly very rich with various fibulae, weapons and jewels. The Museum includes two Etruscan tombs: that of the Lion and that of the Pellegrina. The Tomb of the Pilgrim is full of perfectly preserved urns and sarcophagi. The tombs that are 3 kilometers away from the museum are part of the visit itinerary, such as: the Tomba della Scimmia, with the cycle of wall paintings, and the Tomba del Colle. The Museum offers different ways of visiting with educational workshops and in-depth courses for schools of all levels. An APP Guide is also available for visiting the museum and the Kids Guide for the little ones.

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Via Porsenna, 93
53043 Chiusi


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