The Foundation was established in 1966 in memory of Stefano Antonio Morcelli (1737-1821) and lawyer Peter Bartholomew Repossi (1776-1854), the respective founders of the Library and Art Gallery located in the historic center of Chiari in ancient donated buildings Monsignor Pietro Fault in 1776. As such, it represents a synthesis of the cultural history of the country. The Pinacoteca Repossi is now a prestigious deposit of cultural and artistic heritage with works displayed thematically. The paintings section includes over 100 works of different kinds and sizes covering the period from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first. The section of the prints has 2,300 objects exemplifying the work of the various major schools and individual masters of Italian graphic and Europe since the fifteenth century, including a rare print of the naked figures in combat of Antonio Pollaiuolo, the Bacchanal of Andrea Mantegna the Deposition from Dürer's Small Passion, works by Lucas van Leyden, Venus and Adonis by Giorgio Ghisi, the flight into Egypt by Cantarini, some pieces of the Caprices series of works by Rembrandt and Tiepolo. There are numerous engravings of French schools, Flemish, English and Italian of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and works by twentieth-century artists and contemporaries like Max Klinger, Giuseppe Guerreschi, Floriano Bodini, Tono Zancanaro, Fausto Melotti, Federica Galli and Carlo Fishermen. The sculpture section presents works of the last two centuries and there is a special section of plaster works by local artists.

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Via Bernardino Varisco, 9
25032 Chiari


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