Museo Emilio Greco

The Museo Emilio Greco is located in the center of Catania and is located in the historic Palazzo Gravina Cruyllas. The Museum was inaugurated in the nineties by the artist Emilio Greek Catania, which is dedicated to the same museum. The building originally belonged to Gravina Cruyllas, one of the leading families of the seventeenth century Catania. Even today you can see the coat of arms and the family chapel at the entrance. The collection includes 150 etchings and lithographs, of which a series of great interest called the "25 Commiati". The artist searches the nuances of posting tormented between man and woman. On display are works by classical references, particularly to Catullus, including: Nausicaa, Arethusa, Euriclea, Medea, Sappho, Metamorphoses, Nymph and Faun and the Return of Ulysses. In the exhibition spaces are other sculptures and drawings by various artists from Emilio Greek, such as Hidetoshi Nagasawa sculpture "The Golden Boat". Many of these works were donated to the museum by the artist's Greek relatives.

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