The International Museum of the Crib "Vanni Scheiwiller" is Castronuovo San'Andrea, a small town in the province of Potenza. The Museum is part of the museum complex, which includes the International Museum of Graphics, the Library and the Atelier "Guido Strazza". The International Museum of the Crib is made of 200 nativity scenes from donations by the Milanese publisher Vanni Scheiwiller and art historian Giuseppe Apella, increased over the years by numerous bequests from internationally renowned artists and craftsmen of various origins. These are cribs made in Krakow and collected, for passion and love for their roots, Polish artist Alina Kalczyńska, wife of Vanni, who already in 2014 decided to allocate to Castronuovo collection of nativity scenes from around the world. The museum hosts temporary exhibitions where you expose nativity scenes from around the world and enter into a relationship with the museum collection.

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