The Archaeological Park Regional Suasa is located near the city of Castellone of Suasa. The site is from 1988 to the center of systematic archaeological research by the University of Bologna and the Superintendency for Archaeological Heritage of the Marches. The archaeological site traces the history of the ancient Roman city of Suasa. The park has an amphitheater, the hole, the Coiedii domus and the republican domus. The Domus of Coiedii is one of the richest houses of an influential family, Coiedia gens. It contains within it a number of mosaic floors, all of the highest quality and in excellent state of conservation. The most interesting section is definitely the hole and supporting the city streets. The hole is formed by a large central square with columns on which opening of the rectangular compartments. The hole is a unitary assembly, built at the beginning of the first century A.D., after having raised in artificial manner the level of treading through the carryover of large amounts of soil mixed with river gravel; it remained alive for many centuries, probably until the abandonment of the city in the sixth century. The amphitheater is elliptical in shape and has two main inputs with the various organs of the stands. The archaeological site is now accessible to the public and is available for guided tours.

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Contrada Pian Volpello
60010 Castelleone di Suasa

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