The Foundation Malvina Menegaz for Arts and Culture is Castelbasso, a small village in the province of Teramo. The medieval village has always been renowned for its artistic and cultural beauty. The Foundation was founded in 2008 by the will of Osvaldo Menegaz that called the Malvina mother. The Foundation is housed in the mansion sixteenth century Palazzo Clemente. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote exchange and dialogue between cultures and contemporary artistic expressions in relation to the territory. For this reason the "Castelbasso Culture Project" has been elaborated: a project that aims to foster contemporary art through creativity and thought involving primarily the territory and the city. The Foundation is a venue for temporary exhibitions and cultural events related to Italian art of the twentieth century and of the actors who have made it famous in the world.

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Viale XXIV Maggio, 14, 64020

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