G. Carrettoni National Archaeological Museum and Casinum Archaeological Area

The G. Carrettoni National Archaeological Museum, together with the archaeological area, testify archaeological finds of the territory from the prehistoric age to the Roman age. It is located along the road that leads from the city center to Montecassino. It offers a rich picture of the life of the area, highlighting the high cultural and economic level that was reached by Cassino in the imperial age through the richness of the decorations that were adornments of its imposing buildings. Located in the archaeological area, the Museum is near the Porta Campana di Casinum and the amphitheater. The entrance to the museum includes a visit to the entire archaeological area. The remains of the ancient Casinum can be visited thanks to a path through which you can observe the megalithic walls, the Porta Campana, the amphitheater, the so-called mausoleum of Ummidia Quadratilla, the theater, the nymphaeum, passing through several sections on a paved road.

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Via di Montecassino
03043 Cassino


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