The Filatoio di Caraglio is the oldest preserved “silk factory” in Europe and represents a unique case in the productive context of seventeenth-century Piedmont. It was built in just two years (1676-1678) by Giovanni Girolamo Galleani and since 2005 it has housed the permanent “Museum of the Piedmontese Silk Factory” with the reconstruction of the imposing hydraulic silk twisters. In 2017 the museum was enriched with a new exhibition floor that houses reproductions of other equipment such as a stove for reeling, winding and twine, so as to make it possible to retrace the entire Piedmontese silk supply chain, focused on the production of high-end yarns sold. to Lyonnais weaving. All the equipment is redone on models of the mid-seventeenth century and in working order and it is possible, during the visit, to see the twisting machines in operation. Il Filatoio is also a congress center and "Porta di Valle", a showcase of the territory with an info point, as well as one of the 3 vertices of the SeVeC, a pole that connects the Filatoio to the Museum of Ceramics in Mondovì and the Glass Museum of Chiusa di Pesio in an ambitious project of advanced training for artisans and artists in their respective fields of silk, glass and ceramics, those that were excellences of the province of Cuneo and gave life to real industrial districts of which the 3 museums are witnesses and custodians.

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