MUPRE National Preistoric Museum Of Val Camonica

The National Archaeological Museum of Vallecamonica is located in the province of Brescia. The Valle Camonica is famous worldwide for its amazing rock paintings engraved on the rocks. In 1979 he was entered in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The Museum is housed in the building of Villa Agostani with the aim to collect, preserve and promote the archaeological heritage. The museum boasts of Roman remains which were found in the surrounding area in Cividate Camuno and the entire territory of the Valley. They are part of the collection plates and inscriptions such as "Res Publica Camunnorum" and the inscription containing the reference to the tribe of Quirina Vallecamonica. The museum is linked to the nearby archaeological sites of the Archaeological Park of the Theater and Amphitheater and the archaeological area of ​​the Forum.

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Via S. Martino, 7
25044 Capo di Ponte


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