The Charterhouse, founded in 1366 with the financial support of illustrious families of Pisa, situated among the olive trees of Valgraziosa, quite isolated from the town of Calci, which is about 1 km. At the monastery is accessed by two paths with a fascinating journey pedestrian from which you can enjoy the perspective view of the double-sided of the complex. That outer, low, was destined to functions that could access the inhabitants of the area: the pharmacy, the San Sebastiano chapel or women, the parlor, and, separated from the main courtyard, large green space with grass, the facade of the real monastery and right in the center of which is the spectacular facade of the church, covered in white marble, with a double flight of stairs and the tympanum crowning the statue of the Assumption of angels. The convent, the cloistered monastery of the Carthusian order of San Bruno, was suppressed in Napoleonic times before, and then the Savoy, but was again inhabited by monks until 1969 when he left for good. In the Charterhouse are open to the public environments dedicated to the hermit's life, the great cloister along the arms of which are arranged the 15 monks' cells, one of which opened to the visit, the religious environments, the church and the chapels and those where He held his monastic life, the refectory and the chapter. In the sacristy it is exposed to the Atlantic Bible extraordinary illuminated manuscript of the twelfth century in four volumes; the visit to the monumental ends with the grand ducal quarters, guest quarters of the cloister, the picture gallery and the long corridors whose walls are adorned with fine fresco decorations. La Certosa houses the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa mainly housed in the monastery's service areas: the great barn, about 100 meters long, the mill, laundries, service courtyards for agricultural activities.

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via Roma, 79
56011 Calci


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