The Runkelstein Castle is a medieval castle located a few kilometers from Bolzano. The castle is situated on a rocky outcrop in the Sarntal. The Castle was built in 1237 by the will of the brothers Friedrich and Beral von Wangen. The castle was abandoned and suffered a decline. Only in the nineties and the beginning of 2000, the castle was restored and was re-established the original structure. Inside the castle is the original set-up and can still be visited today. Even today they are in perfect medieval frescoes with scenes related to: ladies and knights, chivalrous scenes, ball game, scenes of hunting, fishing and dancing, naked men and animals, episodes of Tristan and Isolde stories. The frescoes of the castle are a rich testimony of the past, the nobility, the clothing and the taste of the time. Surely of great value is the so-called "Summer House", where inside there are the scenes from "Tristan and Isolde legend". The castle now houses temporary exhibitions and medieval events in the life of the court and knightly culture.

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S. Antonio, 15
39100 Bolzano


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