Opened in November 2016 Picture Gallery. Rossi Palazzo Poggi Marsili displays works mainly Bolognese masters, belonging to the vast heritage of the ancient Religious works. In the rooms of the gallery, curated by Marco Riccòmini are exposed about fifty paintings from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Each room is themed and brings together similar artworks by period or style. Stands out the Gandolfi Room, with seven paintings by Ubaldo Gandolfi, commissioned by the Marquis Gregorio Filippo Maria Casali Bentivoglio Paleotti, between 1768 and 1776, these donated to the Brotherhood Baraccano, now combined for the first time all under one roof . From May 2017 Picture Gallery. opened the door to a new hall: the Hall of maps that contains a set of five maps Printer Giuseppe Longhi and engraved by Carlo and Pietro Scotti Todeschi published in the second half of the seventeenth century. Their public exhibition celebrates the union of geographical study with the artistic representation and figurative, intellectual human flourishing fruit during centuries of exploration.

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Via Marsala, 7
40126 Bologna

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