Mineralogical Collection

On March 8, 1860, the single chair of Natural Sciences of the University of Bologna was divided into three chairs of Mineralogy, Geology and Zoology and on December 5, the Sienese Prof. Luigi Bombicci Porta, at the age of 27, was appointed full professor of Mineralogy. On January 30, 1862, the Natural History Cabinet of the Institute of Sciences was in turn divided into the sections of Mineralogy, Geology and Zoology and Bombicci took over the direction of the Museum of Mineralogy in the Palazzo Poggi. At the beginning the Museum was able to dispose of unsuitable rooms so Bombicci's tireless work was directed on the one hand to increasing the collections, from about nine thousand specimens of minerals and rocks in 1862 to about forty-eight thousand specimens in 1901, looking for ever larger spaces. The current location occupies the bright upper floor of the imposing new building wanted by Bombicci for the Institute and Museum of Mineralogy and completed in 1907, four years after his death.

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Piazza di Porta San Donato, 1
40126 Bologna


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