Comparative Anatomy Collection

The Comparative Anatomy Collection as a whole consists of over 9,000 pieces which make it, of its kind, one of the best known internationally for both the size and the rarity of the materials. About 2,500 preparations are currently on display, divided into three itineraries. The first, experimental and first in Italy, was set up in 1988. This path consists of a series of preparations that can be observed but also touched accompanied by captions also in Braille allowing the use of the path even for the blind. The pieces of this path allow you to develop some evolutionary themes such as the modification of teeth in relation to nutrition. The second path is focused on the evolution and main anatomical characteristics of vertebrates. The third route is an educational itinerary dedicated above all to university students and keeps the original character of the collection intact.

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Via Francesco Selmi, 3
40126 Bologna

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