time museum

time museum

The only one of its kind, the Museum of Time takes us on a journey through History and Time.

Housed in the Granvelle Palace, a splendid Renaissance building, the museum pays homage to the history and watchmaking tradition of Besançon. Walking along the three floors of the building, the visitor sets out to discover rich and varied collections, from the sundial to the atomic clock, passing through the tapestries of the history of Charles V. Faced with man's perennial quest to measure time, it is also Time in its symbolic dimension and in its inevitable flight to be evoked through precious objects and ancient paintings. After admiring Foucault's pendulum, which shows us that the earth is turning, the visit ends with the tower of the palace, which offers a superb panorama over the roofs of the city and the Citadel.


Permanent Collection

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96 Grande Rue
25000 Besancon


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