The Enrico Caffi Natural Science Museum in Bergamo is located in the Upper Town and houses a vast collection of collections dedicated to naturalistic disciplines. The Museum was born in 1871 even if the official inauguration date dates back to 1918. The Museum consists of finds and objects that were donated between 1860 and 1870 by the teachers of the Royal Technical Institute whose intent was to bring them together in one place and make them accessible to the citizen public. The first director of the institution was the priest Enrico Caffi, to whom the museum was renamed in his honor. Caffi led the Museum until 1947 and considerably increased the number of artifacts in the collection. In 1960 the museum collections were moved to Palazzo Visconteo, the current seat of the Museum. The Museum is made up of different sections: zoological, entomological, geological, paleontological and ethnographic. The Museum is also known for the rich didactic and interactive activities that can be carried out through the workshops. In addition, there is a path with Braille writings for the blind.

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Piazza Cittadella, 10
24129 Bergamo


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