The Museum of Sannio is the largest museum complex in the province of Benevento and one of the most important in Campania. Housed in the unique architectural setting of the Abbey of St. Sophia, in 2011 UNESCO Heritage with its beautiful cloister of the twelfth century, allows a fascinating journey from prehistory to contemporary Age. The first nucleus of the collection dates back to 1873 and had a prior arrangement inside the Fortress of the Rectors, now the seat of the Historical Section. In 1928 the provincial government bought the Abbey of Santa Sofia, transforming it into a provincial museum, reorganizing and expanding exposure in the following decades. At the end of the nineties of last century, dates from the renovation of part of the north wing of the museum environment, and then the collections were also housed in a wing of the historic building Casiello. The museum collection is the most varied, and represents a shining example of traditional type territorial musealization, which is a collection that is constituted in time, through a series of donations, purchases and credit lines from all over the territory. The museum houses historical evidence that depart from the Samnite and Roman period, passing through the Lombard period, and ranging from '400 to 800, to the works of the most important artists of the' National 900.

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Piazza Santa Sofia snc.
82100 Benevento


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