The Castle of Belgioioso is located in Belgaum, a few kilometers from Pavia. The castle was founded in the second half of the fourteenth century by the Duke Gian Galeazzo II. The name comes from "Zoioso" or place of happiness and joy. In the following centuries the castle was neglected, uninhabited and closed until the eighteenth century was revalued thanks to Prince Alberico, who purchased it. Also in the eighteenth century the castle was enlarged and rebuilt. Over the centuries the castle underwent many changes dictated by the tastes and the use of the owners: from the country a meeting place for writers, philosophers, musicians and artists. Recall Parini and Foscolo as guests of the court at the end of the eighteenth century. Today the castle is home to major exhibitions, cultural events, exhibitions and fairs nationwide. Of great interest are the neoclassical gardens that host events agricultural and domestic ecology. Surely the Belgioioso Castle offers visitors an experience rich in history from the 1400's through the Baroque and Neoclassical age.

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