Villa Giustiniani

Villa Giustiniani is a Renaissance palace located in Bassano Romano. Inside there are important frescoes made by authors such as Domenichino, Tempesta, Paolo Guidotti and Francesco Albani. Owned by the Anguillara, important expansion works were carried out especially in the seventeenth century: the Giustiniani, new owners, transformed the original castle into a Villa-Palazzo: the main floor connected to the gardens by a drawbridge was added, the walls around the park were built. of 24 hectares (with hunting lodge), statues, fountains and water games were placed and the church of San Vincenzo Martire was built. In this way Bassano, glory of the Giustiniani family, became an international destination, hosting the Pope and various princes. Above all by virtue of the splendid interiors, the villa has been the set of numerous documentaries, commercials and films: among the latter there are "La dolce vita" by Federico Fellini, "Blaise Pascal" by Roberto Rossellini, "Il Gattopardo" by Luchino Visconti and " L'avaro "by Tonino Cervi, with Alberto Sordi.

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Piazza Umberto I
01030 Bassano Romano


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