The Art Gallery "Giuseppe De Nittis" is situated in the historical center of the city of Barletta, in the province of Trani. The gallery is housed in the prestigious Palazzo della Marra. The gallery is dedicated to the painter Giuseppe De Nittis and exposes a rich collection of paintings dedicated to the artist. The collection is composed of 146 paintings, 65 drawings of different types along with books and a collection of letters. The collection is the result of the collection of works donated to the city by the wife of De Nittis Leontine Gruvelle. In 2017 the Leontine Gruvelle legacy has been the subject of a new exhibition. The renovated exhibition stems from the scientific and critical reading of the works by the curator Christine Farese Sperke. The exhibition, shown in the main catalog "Giuseppe De Nittis, Barletta, Palazzo della Marra", is organized on two levels and consists of large sections: the theme of "Landscape", the great themes of "Racing" and "Socialite "the novelty of" Giapponesismo ", the intimacy of" Suffering ". The exhibition shows more unusual aspects of modernity in De Nittis as so-called "Pictures incomplete" and "Graphic Collection", etchings, aquatints, dry points. Among the most important works we find: Breakfast in the garden, the self-portrait, racing at Auteuil, the salon of the Princess Mathilde, femmes Yes parisiennes, Carreras en Longchamps and Neapolitan Lady. Today the Art Gallery hosts temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

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Via Cialdini, 74
76121 Barletta


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