The Museum of Modern Art Logudoro Meilogu Foundation is located in Banagher, a small village near the town of Alghero. The Foundation Logudoro Meilogu which plans the cultural development of the area and the construction of an art school: you want to create environmentally beneficial because young Sardinian artists, but also other places, they have a chance to come and live there, study, do business. The students can enhance the? Art and small towns so far remained outside the traditional circuits. There is already an appreciable national painting and sculpture collection covers the period from 1950 to the present, with works, among others, Salvatore Fiume, Ugo Riva, Giancarlo Cazzaniga, Enrico Baj, Emanuele Luzzati, Ernesto Treccani, and between Sardinian Giuseppe Carta, Gavino Tilocca, Sassu, Corriga Antonio, Antonio Atza, Salvatore Fara, Liliana Cano.

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