The Diocesan Museum and Crypt of San Rufino are in the center of Assisi. The Museum was inaugurated in 1941 in the basement of the cathedral and the palace of the Canons. The goal of the museum is to preserve and enhance the most important works from the cathedral and some neighboring speakers. The museum collection consists of about 300 works displayed in nine sections. Of great interest it is surely the corridor which displays archaeological finds discovered in the territory. The archaeological collection consists mostly of carved capitals and the sarcophagus of the second century A.D. with the ritual of libation. The other rooms offer paintings from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and banners of the seventeenth century with representations of Saint Francis and Saint Catherine. Among the most famous works include the "Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria" by Orazio Riminaldi, famous painter of the Brotherhood. The collection has been enriched by an important donation of Frederick Mason Perkins, historian, living for some time in Assisi. The crypt of San Rufino is a jewel of Romanesque architecture that still preserves the original decorations. In particular, we find the four symbols of the evangelists: the angel of St. Matthew, the lion of St. Mark, the eagle of St. John and the bull of St. Luke.

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Piazza San Rufino, 3
06081 Assisi

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