Peter Paul Rubens

28 Jun 1577 , Siegen

30 May 1640 , Anversa

Peter Paul Rubens

On display

date_range Palazzo Te


Until 07 January 2024

place Palazzo Te, Mantua

closed date_range MAR - Art Museum of the city of Ravenna Artsupp card
closed date_range Palazzo Te
closed date_range Horse riding space
closed date_range Rijksmuseum
closed date_range Ducal Palace of Genoa Artsupp card
closed date_range White Palace Artsupp card


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account_balance National Museums of Genoa - Palazzo Spinola
account_balance Corsini Gallery
account_balance White Palace Artsupp card
account_balance National Academy of Saint Luke
account_balance Palazzo dei Priori museum complex
account_balance Quimper Museum of Fine Arts

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