Museo Civico di Cuneo

The Civic Museum

The monumental complex of San Francesco in Cuneoè national monument, architectural evidence of the Middle Ages and home to the city museum. At a fourteenth“&rdquo ;, ancient church later incorporated in the convent now a museum space, replacing the“&rdquo new church; according to the fifteenth and seventeenth century cloister. Nell’ former convent runs the museum path: archeologic section , divided into Prehistory, Romanità and Medievalè It consists historical donations, now enriched by the acquisitions of recent excavations unveiled with modern communications technology, and mostly coming from the highway route of’ Asti-Cuneo (Roman necropolis and votive deposits from Montanera, Bombonina, Castelletto Stura; kits età Lombard Sant’ Albano Stura). 

collection of sacred art  hosts, among other works, some valuable tables attributed to Defendente Ferrari, a large collection of votiveè It was set up with l’ intent to recreate the’ interior of a devotional chapel. Finally, the ethnographic section constitutes a suggestive trait d’ union between the cityà and its valleys: the daily work efforts and festive occasions are evoked by a colorful collection of tools, materials, tools, clothes and jewelry, representative of the communityà Local mountain.

Also Unveil its treasures“ the museum is not seen&rdquo ;, but on requestè can“ see&rdquo ;: the bottom Giovanni Vacchetta collects drawings, sketches and manuscripts unpublished useful to reconstruct the history of Piedmont's artistic heritage between Eight hundred Twentieth century; the robust image archive Adriano Scoffone offers’ illuminating picture of the cityà in the years of the regime.


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Via Santa Maria, 10
12100 Cuneo


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