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The foreign season is the title of the exhibition with which the Coppola Foundation is pleased to present, following the ArtVerona 2021 Level 0 award and in collaboration with the Annarumma Gallery, the work of Luca De Angelis, on display from 19 November 2022 to 12 March 2023. These are mostly small and medium-sized works, which insist almost entirely on a single subject: the landscape and the figure, or the figure in the landscape, a classic theme of painting but transported by the artist into a dimension in which between these two polarities there is a deep, tactile and close dialogue.

So what kind of landscape is the one that appears in your paintings? A landscape that is always narrow, articulated around a very close-up, sumptuously flamboyant, exotic and unreal close-up: of trees, plants, leaves and flowers that could hardly be named and which develop intertwining in sinuous and curvilinear trends but marked by dry outlines on a thick surface, with the linen texture always in evidence. A sort of opulent pattern or tangle which, proliferating in every area of the surface, tends to deny the space depth, or to restrict the possibility of vision on even minimal portions of the horizon or sky.

These "narrow" places, which tend to be close to two-dimensional, are inhabited by figures that do not correspond to portraits of known people, but that the artist brings out by emanation from the landscape, bringing together in them images taken from fashion magazines and blogs and suggestions which refer to bodies and faces, with angular and sharp profiles, of paintings by beloved authors such as Felice Casorati and Ubaldo Oppi, just to give two examples.


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Corso A. Palladio 1 (Fondazione Coppola)
36100 Vicenza


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