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Eataly Art House – E.ART.H. presents, on the occasion of Art Verona 2023, a new exhibition project dedicated to the emerging Italian scene which turns a focus on contemporary pictorial production through the work of nine young artists: Première, curated by Luca Beatrice.

Designed for the E.ART.H. Art Market, the collective exhibition brings together the works of Mauro Baio (Lecco, 1991), Chiara Calore (Abano Terme, 1994), Matteo Capriotti (Giulianova, 1996), Andrea Ceddia (Rome, 1997), Lorenzo Ermini (Montevarchi, 1996), Olga Lepri (Moscow, 1997), Gloria Franzin (Treviso, 1999), Sofia Massalongo (Verona, 1998), Davide Serpetti (L'Aquila, 1990) and has been open to the public since Friday 13 October 2023 to Sunday 31 March 2024, on the ground floor of Eataly Verona.

The approach of these artists, born between 1990 and 1999, between generations Y (Millennials) and Z, reflects the urgencies of our time and is structured in light of the new technological, communicative and educational possibilities of recent decades and levers that grew following the processes triggered in the 1960s. Digital natives, familiar with the dynamics of the internet and instant communication, from TV to social media, this group represents a disruptive generation, which faces a completely renewed world.

The painters selected for this cross-section have experienced an increasingly radical and sudden change, faced the economic crisis of 2008 and the recognition of an unbridled mixture of genres and languages. What emerges is a look that reveals the desire to test the most consolidated visual strategies, while maintaining the pictorial surface as a preferential device.

Influenced by the lessons of David Hockney, Mauro Baio's practice focuses on the composition of the image and the relationship between shadow and color. His painting is characterized by a meticulous approach and a careful choice of materials, such as wood for the frame, cotton and plaster for the canvas.

Andrea Ceddia's paintings combine ambiguous figures, symbolic elements and contrasting color rhythms. Animated by the presence of subjects taken from remodeled photographs, his painting - purely allegorical and visionary - is characterized by theatrical and eccentric atmospheres.

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Via Santa Teresa, 12
37135 Verona


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