Torre dell'orologio di Venezia

The Clock Tower

The Tower of the Mori è one of the più architectural signs; famous Venice, standing over an arch l’ access to the neuralgic commercial street of the cityà ;, the’ old Merceria. Itè also a set of element and breaking the connection between the various parts of the architectural complex of Piazza S. Marco and between the different urban functions that branch off from it: the seats of political and religious power; the places of representation and those of’ economy; l’ facing towards the sea and l’ articulation of’ entire layout of the city. The towerè ;, in fact, with its large astronomical clock, a masterpiece of technology and engineering, an essential element of’ very image of Venice and mark, more than five hundred years, the life, history and the continuous flow of time.


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Piazza San Marco,
30124 Venezia


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