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A special visit to a magical place! Take advantage of it and participate in the original botanical-artistic path to discover medicinal plants at Castello Bufalini di San Giustino! An exciting Sunday, immersed in the majestic park of the fourteenth-century stronghold and delighted by the observation of the great works kept in the ancient rooms of the castle.

10:15 am: Visit to the castle park with a botanical walk in the orchards, in the secret garden, under the holm oaks of the ragnaia and around the hedges of the moat to rediscover and highlight the ancient species preserved here and the botanical properties of the plants that decorate the frescoes and stuccoes of the castle.
11:30 am: Visit to the castle, from the ancient kitchens, to the beautiful rooms on the upper floors frescoed by Cristofano Gherardi, known as Il Doceno, one of the great artists of the territory and of Tuscany, closely linked to the events of the Medici family of Florence. Among mythological figures, stuccos, grotesques and festoons we will discover together flowers, fruits and plants with an important symbolism and traditional use: we will talk about the rose of the Bufalini family, but also about the elder, the laurel, the quince and the many other varieties that we met while visiting the Italian garden that surrounds the castle.

Duration of the event: about 2 and a half hours

COSTS AND INFORMATION Adults: € 15.00 Children over 10 years: € 13 The costs are inclusive of entrance ticket, tourist guide and botanical guide.
The meeting point will be at the ticket office of Castello Bufalini di San Giustino.
Organizing Secretariat: Circle of Explorers - 0575750000
For registration: https: //

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