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Located in the fascinating Renaissance setting of Palazzo Bourbon Del Monte, the Aboca Museum is home to two permanent museum itineraries: Herbs and health over the centuries and Aboca Experience. The building is one of the most elegant seventeenth-century residences in Sansepolcro. Of simple and elegant style, the building is the result of several unifications made on medieval foundations that have traces in its Torre del Catolino, dated between the 12th and 13th centuries and forming part of the ancient city walls. Leaning against the Church of San Rocco, it overlooks the tree-lined square now named after Piero della Francesca, which has always been a social, religious and artistic point of reference for the city. Herbs and Health over the Centuries is a unique itinerary in the cultural landscape, with the aim of handing down the history of the millennial relationship between man and plants and still underlining their enormous therapeutic power today.

The exhibition route already begins at the entrance to the museum with a showcase that briefly anticipates its main historical-artistic finds, while the walls of the stairways leading to the exhibition display precious collections of botanical tables drawn from the herbariums conserved in the Bibliotheca Antiqua . The actual museum exhibition is therefore spread over nine rooms located on the main floor of the building. Precious herbariums, ancient books on pharmaceutical botany, mortars, artistic ceramics and valuable glassware tell the story of the evolution of knowledge about plants for the benefit of health over the centuries, and reconstruct the ancient working environments. All the rooms are expertly furnished with all the tools that from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century were necessary to obtain the substances with which to prepare medicines from plants. The visitor is thus taken on a fascinating journey into the past , where history, anecdotes and natural perfumes intertwine to tell the story of herbs over the centuries.

The Aboca Museum headquarters was completed in 2020 with the opening to the public of the Aboca Experience, the interactive itinerary that narrates the Aboca world through multimedia installations that dialogue with the visitor, allowing them to experience a 360-degree company visit: it's a bit like entering the company's organic crops, passing through its laboratories and production plants, up to delving into the vast world of cultural events and editions. A place to be explored where you can discover the value of biodiversity and the resources that the environment makes available to our health.


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Via Niccolò Aggiunti, 75
52037 Sansepolcro


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