CAMUC – Casa Museo Cannas

CAMUC - Cannas House Museum

Built in the early twentieth century, the CAMUC - Cannas House Museum consists of a series of buildings that include, in addition to the main building, a set of small structures arranged around an internal courtyard, which make it the most complex and impressive architectural complex of Ulassai. The building housed various commercial activities, managed by the owner's family, Massimo Cannas, as well as the post office. The two upper floors were used as a manor house, while in the basement there were a modern oil mill, an electric mill for cereals and a coal plant for the production of electricity built in 1924 which allowed the town, the first in the area, to be illuminated. public and private, and operated until 1934. Purchased by the Municipality of Ulassai in the mid-nineties, today, after a thorough restoration and museum redevelopment by the laiBE architecture studio and eng. Paolo Depau, is a multipurpose cultural center that hosts exhibitions, conferences, workshops, workshops and screenings.


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Via Garibaldi, 49
08040 Ulassai


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