MUSLI - School and Children's Book Museum

MUSLI - School and Children's Book Museum

The MUSLI - School and Children's Book Museum , located in the heart of Turin , is the main emanation of the Tancredi di Barolo Foundation , which also animates the Study Center, the International Library of Youth Literature and the Archive, and which it is linked to the pedagogical initiatives promoted in the first half of the nineteenth century by the Marquises of Barolo.

The MUSLI - School and Children's Book Museum is an evocative enchanted journey into the world of school and children's books between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and offers two itineraries for visits: the School Path and the Book Path.

The School Path between desks, nibs and various teaching materials, without forgetting the aspect of the game, allows you to approach the illustrious pedagogical and publishing tradition of the city of Turin and the Piedmont Region in an engaging and direct way. The exhibition is spread over four floors and is located in a wing of Palazzo Barolo where it is possible to visit, among other things: the Heart book room, the School for Laughing, the early twentieth century kindergarten, a room entirely dedicated to the figure of De Amicis .

The Book Route , on the other hand, is dedicated to the history of children's literature . The itinerary enhances the rich international historical collection of books, original drawings and games dating back to the eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries and preserved in the Archives and Library of the Tancredi di Barolo Foundation . Between animated and pop-up books, precious historical editions and interactive multimedia stations, the itinerary offers a real enchanted journey to discover nineteenth and twentieth century children's books: a journey into the past but with an eye to the future, through a constant connection between the historical heritage of children's publishing and the potential of new multimedia solutions. The visit of MUSLI is completed with the proposal of multiple laboratory activities aimed at deepening the issues addressed in the two museum itineraries.


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Via Corte d’Appello 20/c
10122 Turin


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