Ducal castle of Agliè

The Ducal Castle of Agliè is an elegant and imposing building located in the municipality of Agliè , in the metropolitan city of Turin .

It is part of the Canavese castles circuit and, since 1997, has been part of the Residenze Sabaude UNESCO site . It is a building with a rather particular architectural style as it is the sum of different styles that have followed one another over the centuries.

The history of the Ducal Castle of Aglié begins in the Middle Ages, to which the first nucleus of the building dates back. The Ducal Castle of Aglié , with its architectural beauties, the original furnishings , the numerous paintings, the frescoes, the archaeological finds and the splendid gardens full of centuries-old trees and greenhouses, bears witness to over 7 centuries of Italian and Italian history. Europe and is a gem not to be missed in the surroundings of Turin .

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Piazza Castello, 2
10011 Turin

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