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Cripta747 is pleased to present the works created by the artists João Drumond , Pete Fleming and Emmy Skensved during their stay in the Studio.
The open studio on March 28 inaugurates the third edition of Cripta747 Studio, a shared study program that this year will host 13 artists and a curator from Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Emmy Skensved , Canadian, has lived and worked in Berlin since 2007. In his work he uses different languages ranging from digital animation, to installation, from sound to web design to investigate issues related to new technologies, the economy, the exploitation of the body, subcultures and social rituals. In a recent exhibition, Room & Bored, at the Polansky Gallery in Prague, the artist addressed the theme of loneliness in the digital age. In the exhibition space, a site-specific installation invited the visitor to rest and momentary isolation to make us consider idleness and boredom as necessary components for introspection and the creative process. In residency Emmy Skensved carried out research on these issues related to the concept of "presence", working with both audio and sculptural elements in order to create an installation that addresses the meaning of being physically present in the hyper-connected present in which we live. .

João Drumond , was born in 1990, in Portugal on the island of Madeira. Through drawing, painting, graphic arts and the production of artefacts, the artist investigates issues related to language, mental health and current environmental issues. Since 2016, the year in which he moves to Berlin, his research has focused on the theme of water, in particular on the geological aspect, on water reserves, but also on water treatment for domestic use and on the water supply system. taking into consideration the impact it has on our daily life. In residence the artist analyzed contemporary and future problems related to water in the Turin area and in Italy, focusing on supply infrastructures, on the environmental impact of water waste, and on the effects of its scarcity or abundance on ecosystems.

Pete Fleming , English, born in 1987, currently lives and works in Oslo. The artist's research addresses the role of the digital image from a materialistic point of view. Through light, he creates installations that explore its sensual and tactile nature and in which the images are not distinct "entities", but, to quote Karen Barad, phenomena subject to continuous reconfiguration. His work betrays an optimism towards all that is indefinite, indeterminate, a position of value and hope in uncertainty.

The researches of the artists in residence in March are accompanied by a critical study by Vincenzo Estremo , writer, art writer, editor in chief for Droste Effect magazine and professor of "Theory and Method of Mass Media" at NABA, Milan.

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Via Catania, 15/F
10154 Turin


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