closed In the spirit of being with

Curated by: Lisa Andreani e Sonia D'alto

The show

Cripta747 is pleased to host in its spaces In the spirit of being with, a group exhibition curated by Lisa Andreani and Sonia D'Alto.

In the spirit of being with is a slight deviation in the course of present time, a misdirection in which the future feeds back and the past in turn cannot stay confined to the grave. The linear narrative is confused in the material production process, something bizarre, bordering on the carnivalesque confirms the idea of progress as a mirage. The deterministic and technological dogma is replaced by a metaphysics of existence composed essentially of coexistence and symbiosis. It is the principle of metamorphosis, of change and of the magical mixture, where there are no borders, there are no barriers. Empathy becomes the human weapon to enter into communion with the world, a vital and political force. Mixture and syncretism become the wonderful everyday life in which to exercise memory and imagination again, fables and refrain, modesty and audacity. The anguish of the end and its post-apocalyptic tales are reshaped in the exhibition in a new cosmology, which re-semantizes archaeological and medieval aesthetics, contemporary and prehistoric art, calling to the rescue the poetic word and cinematic narration. The crisis of reality we live in is a crisis of existence, of action and of imagination, and the monsters that reappear and repopulate it - dystopias, end of the world, anthropocene - are warning signs that warn us of imminent losses.


Works on display

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Via Catania, 15/F
10154 Turin


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