The Botanical Garden of Trieste is located in the historic center of the city. The botanical garden was born in 1842 in the Chiadino area. The botanical garden was created by the will of the pharmacist and botany enthusiast Bartolomeo Biassoletto. About 1200 types of plants are grown in the Botanical Garden of Trieste. The main purpose of the institution is to collect and catalog the peculiar species of the flora of Venezia Giulia. Over time, the section dedicated to medicinal plants has also been added. Furthermore, the cultivation of aquatic and marsh plants is practiced inside special tanks and greenhouses. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Botanical Garden was responsible for supplying materials, especially seeds, to similar bodies and institutes. Due to its peculiarities, the institution also offers an ideal habitat for fauna species. In fact, the volunteer environmental guards of the Trieste section of the WWF have started the “Nests” project within it, placing nests for the suitable shelter of birds, bats, orbettini and hedgehogs. The Botanical Garden offers guided tours and educational workshops open to families and school groups.

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Via Carlo De Marchesetti, 2
34100 Trieste

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