The Museum of Oriental Art of Trieste is located near the main square of the city, a few steps from Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia. The museum itinerary begins with a narration of the relations between Trieste and the East, started in the eighteenth century and developed in the nineteenth century. The ships leaving from Trieste reached the distant coasts of India, Japan and China. Witnesses of these events are the artifacts preserved inside the Museum, including: dresses and fabrics in embroidered silk, porcelain from the Song period, sculptures and objects related to Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, porcelain and masks from popular theater Japanese. The real jewel of the museum collection are the Ukiyo-e prints, or the Floating World, with works by great masters of Japanese art including Hiroshige and Hokusai with the famous “Wave”. Of great interest is also the rich collection of weapons and armor from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century with the complete armor of the Samurai and the collection of Katanas and Wakizashi (very sharp swords). The Museum organizes temporary exhibitions and cultural events related to the East.

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Via S. Sebastiano, 1
34121 Trieste

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