The Diocesan Museum of Tricarico is located in the historical center of the town in the province of Potenza. The Museum was founded in 2016 by the will of the Bishop Monsignor Orofino through collaboration with public and private entities. The museum collects artifacts and works that trace the history of Christianity and the Church in the area through the centuries. The collection is divided into five sections of the exhibition, organized chronologically from 900 to the present day. The collection includes paintings, jewelery, liturgical furnishings, vestments, sculptures, books and archival documents that elaborate on the history of the diocese. Most of the exhibits come from private clients and Diocese. Among the most striking works include: the pastoral hedgehog, the reliquary of St. Clare and the reliquary of San Potito box. The exhibition presents educational panels and a virtual guided tour. The Diocesan Museum houses temporary exhibitions and cultural events related to the relationship between faith and art.

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Piazza Raffaello Delle Nocche, 2
75019 Tricarico

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