closed Natura in posa.

The show

The exhibition is part of a large promotion project developed by the City of Treviso together with important institutional partners in order to enhance, in Italy and abroad, the cultural, artistic and enogastronomic excellences of the city and of the entire territory of the Marca Treviso and its extraordinary heritage of traditions.

The first stage of this project promoted by the City of Treviso and Civita Tre Venezie, in collaboration with the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, is the exhibition "NATURA IN POSA. Masterpieces from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna in dialogue with contemporary photography" at the Santa Caterina Complex in Treviso.

The original exhibition, curated by Francesca Del Torre, Gerlinde Gruber and Sabine Pénot, documents how the subject of Still Life developed between the end of the sixteenth century and throughout the seventeenth century, inviting us to look at one of the most popular genres in a new light suggestive of European painting.

The prestigious collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna provides, for the occasion, 50 masterpieces - presented for the first time in Italy - by Francesco Bassano, Jan Brueghel, Pieter Claesz, Willem Claesz Heda, Jan Weenix, Gerard Dou, Evaristo Baschenis, Gasparo Lopez dei Fiori, Elisabetta Marchioni.


Works on display

Timetable and tickets


Piazzetta Botter, 1
31100 Treviso

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