closed Italian Twist

Curated by: Elisa Carollo, Mattia Solari

The show

Imago Mundi Foundation reopens the Gallerie delle Prigioni with Italian Twist, a new group exhibition that focuses on Italian artistic production. A recognition of the richness of the contemporary visual culture made in Italy, and a reminder of the common desire for a new course. The exhibition, curated by Elisa Carollo and Mattia Solari, presents a selection of works by 19 Italian artists, born mainly in the 80s and 90s: a heterogeneous collection, a free sampling with the aim of bringing out the multiplicity and diversity of languages: sculpture, performing arts, painting, installation. The works collected in Italian Twist tell of a short circuit, a creative shot, an overturning of perspective, pressing and compelling, both with respect to artistic techniques and styles, and with respect to current and urgent themes: the recognition of civil and gender rights, digital surveillance, the relationship between nature and man, the perception of the passage of time. Italian Twist also wants to be an opportunity for an exploration and reflection on the Italian artistic production of the last 10 years. Also on display are the collections of Imago Mundi Collection dedicated to Italy: together with the two national collections (Praestigium Italia I and II; 2014), insights into Campania (2015) and Sicily (2016). A total of over 780 works in 10 by 12 cm format created by historicized artists such as Sandro Chia, Emilio Isgrò, Renata Boero, Massimo Vitali, Giorgio Griffa up to the younger generations such as Loredana Longo, Nicola Samorì, Guglielmo Castelli, to offer a rich overview , varied and in-depth of the contemporary visual culture of our country. A schedule of meetings and talks open to all will accompany the exhibition throughout the opening period. The meetings will also be broadcast live on the social channels of the Imago Mundi Foundation.


Works on display

Timetable and tickets


Piazza Duomo, 20
31100 Treviso


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