Musei Reali di Torino

The Royal Museums of Turin

Royal Museums of Turin are one of the più museum complexes; and extended più variegated d’ Europe and are even, by their size and the value of collections, the major European royal residences. They are located in the heart of the cityà ancient and propose a history tour, art and nature that winds through more than 3 km of museum walk on 30,000 square meters of exhibition space and storage, 7 hectares of gardens, with evidence dating from prehistory to’ età modern.

Their origin dates back to 1563, when Emanuele Filiberto moved the capital of the Duchy of Chambé ry to Turin and dà beginning of the great urban transformation in all’ enrichment of the collections dinastiche.Tra the Seicento and eighteenth century the residence, with the center of the majestic Palace , it expands in the form of cityà following the orthogonal pattern of the first urban extension towards the river Po. Inhabited by Savoie until 1946è Now propertyà the Italian State.

Since 2014, the Royal Museums have brought together in one system the   Palace with   l’ Royal Armory and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud,   the Royal Library , the Savoy Gallery , the Museum of Antiquitiesà   the Royal Gardens.


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Piazzetta Reale, 1
10122 Torino


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