CRIPTA747 è a’ organization nonprofit for the’ contemporary art founded in Turin in 2008. CRIPTA747 operates in’ intersection of artistic and cultural debates practices, offering an annual program of exhibitions, residencies, publications and event inside and outside the venue. CRIPTA747 follows all aspects of production with a focus on the research phase that leads to’ of’ work processing. It offers artists a workspace in an open dialogue and exchange between visual arts and other forms of expression. The projects carried out over the years have led to Turin a new way to tell the’ evolution of realityà contemporary, through the first exhibitions of emerging artists, important historical figures and important group exhibitions for the debate. This cultural policy has made CRIPTA747 an exchange platform open to the’ external and collaborations with realityà Italian and international of a similar nature.


Permanent Collection

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Via Catania, 15/F
10154 Torino


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