closed In the spirit of being with

Curated by: Lisa Andreani e Sonia D'alto

The show

Cripta747 is delighted to host In the spirit of being with, a group show curated by Lisa Andreani and Sonia D'Alto.

In the spirit of being with is a soft deviation from the present time, a decoy where the future acts backwards and the past can’t keep still in its grave. Linear narration melts into the material production process, something weird, almost carnival-like confirms the idea of progress as a mirage. A metaphysics of existence essentially composed of co-existence and symbiosis substitutes the determinist and technological dogma. It is the principle of metamorphosis, of change and magical fusion, where there are no borders, no boundaries. Empathy becomes the human weapon to enter into communion with the world, vital and political power. Fusion and syncretism create a wonderful routine where memory and fantasy can be practiced anew, together with fairy tales and refrain, modesty and audacity. Anguish for the end and its post-apocalyptic tales are remodeled in the exhibition through a new cosmology, creating a new semantics; an archeological and medieval aesthetic, a contemporary and prehistoric art, calling in aid the poetic word and filmic narration. The reality crisis in which we are living is a crisis of the world, anthropocene - the signs of danger that warn us against imminent loss.


Works on display

Timetable and tickets


Via Catania, 15/F
10154 Torino


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