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ongoing Fernando Sinaga.

Curated by: Begoña Martínez, Pedro Medina

The show

Autumn at the MAO opens under the banner of contemporary art: the Museum will host the exhibition "The Book of Destinies and Changes", by Fernando Sinaga, a Spanish artist born in 1951 represented by the Aural gallery in Alicante and Madrid, also this year among the exhibitors of Artissima.

The exhibition is a site specific project in which some of the recurring themes in Sinaga's works are related to the museum context, to leave room for the divinatory virtuality of contemporary artistic processes between East and West.

At the MAO, the installation communicates with two important volumes, a printed copy of the Chinese classic The Book of Changes (I Ching / Yijing) from the mid-nineteenth century, from the La Sapienza University Library in Rome, and a facsimile of the Book of Sorti from the Marciana National Library in Venice. This last example is a valuable reproduction of the homonymous work written by Lorenzo Spirito in 1482.

Sinaga's work addresses a theme present in all cultures of all times and latitudes: that of the attempt to imagine the future. A future that, however, remains inscrutable and gradually becomes less intelligible. In the exhibition The Book of Destinies and Changes, in which all the disturbances already present in previous exhibitions such as On Prediction (2003) and in works such as Oscillum (2009-2010), the artist offers new ideas for reflection on his work against the background of a present marked by uncertainty: we find ourselves in a scenario of unanswered questions, in the flow of an ever-changing transformation, poised between hope and disorientation.

Sinaga's work takes us back to an enigmatic and incomprehensible past, to the ancient inquisitorial prohibitions of the sixteenth century, when divination texts and games of chance were prohibited, as only God was able to know the future; the installation also forces us to reflect on today: despite statistics, forecasts and probability calculations, we are unable to say with certainty where we are headed or what our future will be.


Timetable and tickets


Via San Domenico, 9-11
10100 Torino


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