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From the industrious bees to the ingenious zebra, learning the alphabet is a game in the company of small and large inhabitants of the natural world, all to be discovered in the new exhibition of the Royal Animal Museums from A to Z. An exhibition dedicated to children, hosted in Space Discoveries of the Sabauda Gallery from 2 December 2021 to 3 April 2022. The project, designed for primary school children but also capable of speaking to adults, highlights the variegated complexity of life on Earth, narrating it with a format never experienced before from the Turin museum complex, curated by Rosario Maria Anzalone and Enrica Pagella. Everything is conceived for children and families, from the height of the windows to the graphic solutions: among paintings, drawings, engravings, archaeological finds and decorative art objects, forty works of the Royal Museums are united by the representation of animals, to be guessed in one way of shared use.The exhibition is not only a playful escape between more or less domesticated creatures, sometimes not easily recognizable, participating in a wonderful global ecosystem that includes homo, but also an opportunity to enhance real collections. Alongside lesser-known works, one can admire masterpieces such as the Holy Family with angels offering butter and honey by Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli known as Morazzone, the bronze bull from the Roman city of Industria (Monteu da Po) from the 1st century AD, the monumental tapestry The Zebra of the Gobelins Manufactory (Etienne Claude Le Blond, Jacques Neilson and François Desportes) and Whaling in the Arctic Ocean by Abraham Storck. It also houses some loans from the Civic Museum of Ancient Art of Palazzo Madama and from the Don Bosco Natural History Museum of the Valsalice High School in Turin. The colorful graphic alphabet, created by the young and promising hand of the Turin illustrator Marco Vesco, enriches the exhibition spaces and finds expression in the illustrated volume Zoostorie of the Royal Museums. Animals from A to Z, the first publication by the Royal Museums designed for children.


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