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Curated by: Franco Profili

The show

Alea Contemporary Art and CavourArt Association present a wide-ranging project that brings together in a single event, 60 years of experimentation and research on the technical variables of making and printing engraved matrices. Starting from traditional engraving techniques (xylography, etching, aquatint, ceramolle, drypoint, etc.) up to the most modern (monotype, photoengraving, combustion, collography, even on plastic and reuse materials). On display are some of the historic collaborators of Atelier 17 founded by SW Hayter in Paris in the 1930s, and the engraving artists of Alea, in a long and in-depth journey between tradition and experimentation. The exhibition, sponsored by the Municipality of Terni, will be visible until 23 June 2019.

Many participating artists: Arianna Angelini, Malgorzata Chomicz, Valeria Bertesina, Stanley William Hayter, Frank Martinangeli, Giovanna Martinelli, Elena Molena, Andrea Pacini, Anna Romanello, Usama Saad, Pasquale Ninì Santoro, Hector Saunier, Eugenio Tellez and Aurelio De Felice.

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Viale Campofregoso, 98
05100 Terni


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