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Curated by: Laura Cherubini

The show

With a large light installation designed by the artist for the museum space, MACTE in Termoli presents the Nanda Vigo LIGHT PROJECT 2020 exhibition from 1 March to 16 May 2020, curated by Laura Cherubini and created in collaboration with the Nanda Vigo Archive .

Retracing some of the salient points of Nanda Vigo 's research from the seventies to today , the exhibition celebrates one of the most important Italian artists of her generation - a pioneer of experimentation between art, architecture and design - entering the path of study and enhancement of the permanent collection and history of the Termoli Award activated by MACTE since its opening.

Nanda Vigo won the Termoli Prize in 1976 with the work Sintagma, made of glass, mirror and neon; whose title - from the Greek σύνταγμα, properly "composition, ordering" - refers to the term coined by Ferdinand de Saussure to define " the combination of two or more linearly ordered linguistic elements" . Forty-four years later this work returns as a protagonist, in its monolithic indivisibility of meaning, as an interpretative key to the entire exhibition. The works on display, in fact, on the one hand are arranged according to a unitary exhibition design and attentive to the architecture of the museum - a distinctive feature of the Vigo installations - on the other hand they demonstrate the relationship between two groups of works connected also from a linguistic point of view. whose common denominator is light.


Works on display

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Via Giappone
86039 Termoli


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