The Archaeological Museum Francesco Savini is located in Teramo City, in the historic center near the Cathedral. The Museum was opened in 1997 and displays works of archeology and artifacts of the late Renaissance. The Museum was dedicated to Francesco Savini, historian, archaeologist palaeographer and native of Teramo who devoted much to research in Abruzzo and Teramana. The museum includes an exhibition on two floors in chronological order for a complete reading of the history of the area. On the ground floor are the remains of the Roman period. In particular, many exhibits are the testimonies of the necropolis, the theater and the city's amphitheater. Among all we highlight the beautiful mosaic of the Lion and the effigy of Septimius Severus. The first floor houses the production Roman and medieval pottery and the remains of Romanesque Teramo. Among the works of great value is reminiscent of the statues from the nymphaeum of Tortoreto: Calliope, Euterpe and Erato. The museum houses the inside also a small auditorium, a venue for concerts, book presentations, theater performances and seminars.

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Via Delfico, 30
64100 Teramo


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