The National Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga

The National Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga collects the statues that once adorned the ancient Villa of the emperor Tiberius, adopted son of Augustus, whose archaeological remains are included in the museum's tour. During the construction of a coastal road near the famous Grotta di Tiberio, a large quantity of fragments of marble statues was discovered, extraordinary for the quality and size of the blocks. The fragments in some cases belonged to original Greek statues of the Hellenistic period and the Museum was built specifically to preserve them. The villa of Tiberius, from which the finds come, consisted of several buildings arranged on terraces facing the sea. The famous cave was one of the environments that connected the villa with the sea, through a spectacular sequence of swimming pools with sea water adorned by sculptural groups. The collection of the Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga includes precious finds, the fragments of an inscription found bore the names of the sculptors Agesandro, Atanodoro and Polidoro, the same authors of the Laocoonte, now exhibited in the Vatican Museums.

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Via Flacca, km 16,300
04029 Sperlonga


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